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Please find above attached food menu or as below.


Aloo dum                                                                                                         £4.50

Delicately spiced potatoes with ground seasame (SS)

Chilli Chips                                                                                                        £4.50

Stirred potato chips with vegetables and fresh chilli flavour

Aloo Chat                                                                                                           £4.50

Green Chickpeas cooked with Chat Masala, Cumin, Coriander and Potato with Yoghurt, Onion Tamarid, topping with savoury snacks(Garm flour, nts, peanuts, sultans, E; D)

Vegetable Samosa                                                                                            £4.50

Two crispy puffed turnover stuffed with Potatoes, Green Peas, Onion, Cumin and Coriander seeds; served with scented fenu-greek & Tomato Chutney (G)

Chicken Wings (Kukhurako Pakheta)                                                       £4.50

Chicken wings marinated by Cumin, Coriander, Ginger, Garlic, roast in oven for deep fry and serve with homemade stone ground tomato chutney (G, SBS)

Bhaktapur Chhoila (Lamb/Chicken)                                                          £5.50

Roasted Lamb; Chicken with green fresh Chilli; Red Onion, Coriander, crushed Ginger and Garlic and touch of Lime and served with rice flakes(Nepali Chiura)

Himalayan Pork Ribs                                                                                      £5.50

Ribs will be marinated by own Himalayan spices and roast in the oven and it will serve with sweet and Chilli Sauces when it is ready to serve(G;SBS)

King Prawn                                                                                                          £6.50

Breaded with crispy King Prawn and served with sweet & chilli Sauce (Flour, G, P, E)

Fewa Fry Machha (Fish) with Bone                                                            £5.50

Fish will be marinated with our homemade spices then it will be deep fry. Dish will be served with coriander chutney(Flour)


Momo is one of the most popular and favourite restaurant meal in Nepal, Tibet, some part of India and part of Himalayan region. Momo is serve through steam and serve steam or chilly with homemade stone ground Chutney (G)

                                                     Steamed Momo                            Chilli Momo

Vegetable Momo                       £5.20                                                £6.20 

Pork Momo                                £5.50                                               £6.50

Lamb Momo                               £5.70                                             £6.70


G=Gluten V= Vegetable S= Soya Bean Sauce E= Egg SS = Sesame Seeds D=Diary F=Fish P= Prawn. Customers are advised to ask a member of staff if you have any allergies.


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